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January 9, 2009



Wrongful Death

CASE/NUMBER: Vincent Meza Jr., et al. v. Walnut Valley Unified School District, et al. (KC053745)

COURT/DATE: Los Angeles Superior Pomona/Nov. 13, 2008

MEDIATOR: Jeffrey Krivis , First Mediation Group

SETTLEMENT: $5,000,000

ATTORNEYS: Plaintiff - Mark J. Geragos, Pat Harris, Shelley Kaufman (Geragos & Geragos, APC, Los Angeles).

Defendant - Linda Bauermeister (Barber & Bauermeister, Santa Ana).

FACTS: The case arises out of the death of Andrea Lorena Meza, wife and mother, who was struck by a Walnut Valley Unified School District bus on Oct. 26, 2007 while walking to the Cyrus J. Morris Elementary School to pick up her eight-year old daughter.

PLAINTIFF'S CONTENTIONS: Plaintiffs contended that as decedent Andrea Lorena Meza was walking on the school grounds, holding her two-year old daughter, the driver of the school bus lost control of the bus and the bus jumped the curb onto the sidewalk where Meza was walking. Her frantic attempts to evade the reckless bus were unsuccessful and she was crushed by the left front tire of the school bus, dying instantly. Meza was miraculously able to save the life of her young daughter.

INJURIES: Death of wife and mother.

RESULT: The case settled for $5 million.

FILING DATE: Sept. 2, 2008.

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