August 06, 2011

Mark Geragos Speaks at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Toronto


August 6, 20111

Attorney Mark Geragos spoke on the topic of "'Implicit Bias' and the Myth of Equal Justice" during the 2011 American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Toronto. With more than 1,400 legal programs, events and presentations by the foremost law experts, the ABA Annual Meeting is the nation's premier gathering of legal professionals.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial, and it is the job of lawyers, judges and court personnel to make sure it happens. As a result, they constantly raise questions about the admissibility of forensic evidence, implicit bias victim's rights, fraud and the suitability of expert witness to provide testimony. The latest in these areas were among the topics covered during the 2011 American Bar Association Annual Meeting, August 4 - 9, in Toronto.

Through examining recent cases including the arrest of prominent Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was arrested while he pushed his way through the jammed front door of his home; and the unprecedented immigration workplace raid in Postville, Iowa; various panelists outlined and discussed various issues in criminal justice.

To watch a clip of Mark's discussion please click on the video below.

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