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What’s really going on at the bar

By Mark Geragos Mark Geragos is a criminal defense lawyer with Geragos & Geragos. Could anyone imagine that faced with the potential opportunity of generating about $50 million of new funding for legal services and other needs of our justice … Continue reading

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Letter of the week: Judge denied justice in Willard case

By Mark Geragos Danielle Willard’s life was taken by the lawless act of Shaun Cowley. And her family’s quest to seek justice for their daughter was taken by the lawless act of Judge Dever. Both acts are unspeakably tragic, and … Continue reading

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Trayvon Was Black. It Matters.

by Mark Geragos It’s one simple word: race. Prosecutors, used to demonizing young black males as violent predators of the night, weren’t ready to fight for Trayvon Martin. By Michael Jackson’s defense lawyer, Mark Geragos. Did the George Zimmerman trial … Continue reading

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International Criminal Justice

Nick Koumjian Since the establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in 1993, the rapid and accelerating development of international criminal law has changed the world we live in. Crimes of war and atrocities against civilian populations … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Dodgers

-Pat Harris Major League Baseball’s decision to reject the proposed $3 billion deal between the Dodgers and Fox TV may have some in L.A. rejoicing that the end of the McCourt’s reign as Dodger owners is finally come to an … Continue reading

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